Friday, July 16, 2010

100 days.

Travis G. Tufte

Its official...we are halfway through this deployment! This is a huge milestone and one we have been eager to get to. It is all downhill from here. For those of you who do not know let me give you a little update:

Travis a Captain in the United States Marine Corps. His specialty is logistics, so he works to resupply troops with fuel, food, water and ammunition. He is an officer in CLB 5
(Combat Logistics Battalion 5)  in southeast Afghanistan. The good news about this deployment (well, depending on who you ask) is that Travis is a Captain and mostly sitting at a desk writing reports or orders. Though the days are very long and monotonous it is nice to know that he is safe (well as safe as you are going to get over there). In his free time he is able to email, work out, watch movies and even phone home. They recently hooked up wifi on the base. FINALLY! I have been able to get on yahoo messenger and see him a couple times. It usually kicks us off every 5 minutes or so, but it is still wonderful to see his smiling face. Travis left Camp Pendleton April 1st and we should be celebrating his homecoming in October. We can't wait to see you!

Travis and Joey in Marjah

The office

The "can"

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