Friday, January 28, 2011

The best day of my life.

Homecoming! Sunday October 24th, 2010. This was without a doubt one of the most amazing days of my life. Incredibly we were able to plan it just right and I flew into San Diego on Saturday night. I was even able to attend MOST of Betsy and Scott's wedding in Rochester, NY earlier that day. Mr and Mrs Tufte were able to pick me up and we finally arrived back at the house in Carlsbad around 11:30 pm. It was time to get unpacked and start decorating. Thanks to Erin Scott who stayed up with my to get the house ready for Travs arrival. I finally went to bed around two or three in the morning and hardly slept an hour. Soon enough it was time to get up and ready. We were finally on base at the meeting area around 8 in the morning. CLB-5 (Combat Logistics Battalion 5) were awesome and they had an arts and crafts station, poster making station and they even cooked all family and friends a homemade breakfast! Finally around 12ish the buses were on their way and three of them pulled into the parking lot. I knew Trav was on the second bus and was trying so hard to spot him. It wasn't until he stepped off the bus that I finally saw him and immediately took off for him. I will never be able to describe that feeling of hugging and kissing him after seven long months. I will never forget that moment. All I can say is that I am so proud of Captain Tufte and CLB5 for all of their hard work and dedication. It is because of them and other Marines that we simply live. Also take a moment to remember the troops that are still overseas today serving us. Thanks to Mr and Mrs Tufte and a special thank you to Matt and Erin my personal stylist, photographers and videographers. You guys are great!

Playing the waiting game

Luggage Arrives!

He's home!

Welcome Home Travis

The Tufte's


  1. Beautiful, Mo. So glad you're posting again-- now on to the engagement story!! xoxo

    P.S. and a special THANK YOU to Travis for serving our country! A true hero in my book.

  2. Awwww!! This made me cry!! You two are the best


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