Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Vacation in California!

The boys exploring. 

We had a fun week planned with Travis after he got home. The first day included beer and the Packers game and an early night to bed. Monday we got a chance to explore San Diego. We hit Old Town to visit the Whaley House and some delicious Mexican food. Then we walked around La Jolla and visited the harbor seals and grabbed a coffee.

Mr. and Mrs. Tufte (Doug and Gail) at La Jolla

Tuesday we got a chance to head down to Coronado for some walking, a great lunch at an Irish pub and a wine tasting at the Hotel Del. Here are some of the pictures!

Crossing the bridge!

Hotel Del!

Mmmmmm Wine and Cheese.

 Trav and I!

Gail and Doug! (That's for you guys)

On Wednesday Travis and I took off for Santa Barbara. Before he left for deployment we had a chance to eat at this incredible restaurant called the Stonehouse located at the San Yisdro Ranch. We absolutely loved it so much that we promised if we had the time or the money it would be a wonderful opportunity to go and stay at the resort for a night or two. So over the deployment we talked and thought it would be the perfect time to go back and visit and actually stay this time. I have to say if anyone is looking for a little vacation or something to do, I have to say go to the San Ysidro Ranch in Santa Barbara.  There is so much to do and discover. There are miles of hiking trails, wineries, a pool, shopping, golf, horseback riding and the most insane food you have ever had. Also not to mention it is where John and Jackie Kennedy honeymooned! (I love that part). We had the BEST time there. We eat and were treated like king and queens. The day we were leaving room service actually brought us up some of their infamous homemade mint gelato. We had it every night we were there and just wanted one more taste of it. It will blow your mind, I promise! This place was such a treat and one I will always remember. Thanks again Travis for everything. 

Our welcome message.

Trav standing in front of our bungalow.


Out door rain shower.

Private hot tub.

Travis relaxin poolside with the paper.

Lunch is served!


The beautiful gardens. 

Sunset from the hills.

We love hiking.

Most insane view

Dinner on the last night.

At the Stonehouse.

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