Tuesday, March 29, 2011


  The other night Travis and I walked the dogs in Carlsbad along the cliffs and watched the sun go down. Every time the sun sets out here I am in awe. It has to be one of my favorite things in California. I can't decide where the better sunsets are, California or the St. Lawrence River. It is a very close call. Both spots will always hold a special place for me. Here are some of the beautiful pictures we took that evening...

Taking a walk

Oh hey


Trav and the dogs

The four of us

This is the SAME sunset

Self portrait

How stoic

All smiles

My favorite place

Monday, March 28, 2011

New Do

So I traded Scout in today for a new dog (a.k.a Scout got a haircut).


After (This is NOT my dog)

This was all of his fault (For some reason he likes Scoutie shaved!)

Saturday, March 26, 2011


Here are some random pictures from our first two months out here!

Beachin' it.

Obviously while the girls were here we hit the beach!

MK's creation.

Life is Good.

The three of us.

My favorite

MK and Travis

Whoop Whoop.

Lil Sis.

The three of them.

What a view.

I love these sunsets.

Fun in CA

  While MK and Marisa were in town we decided to do some fun touristy things. MK's friend Lauren Logan and Courtney came down from LA while Marisa's cousin Jess came from Pacific Beach and Travis's friend Mike Shuda came down from 29 Palms. On Saturday we all went down to San Diego to check out the Zoo! Then we hit a local bar to watch the Packers football game.

Courtney, Lauren and MK 


Too cute.

MK and the boys.

Yup. They did that.

Road Trip

  January 8th marks the beginning of our epic cross country trip. I was so lucky to have my sister MK, best friend Marisa and little pooch Scout to accompany me on the 3,000 mile trek. The trip started off amazingly. While the car was absolutely packed to the brim we were all is good spirits. A quick trip to Dunkin Donuts a stop to fill up on gas and we were off! We were laughing, talking and so excited for what was in store for the next 4 days. We hit some serious snow in Ohio but finally reach Nashville around 10:30 that night. A quick stop at the hotel to walk Scout and change, then it was off to Tootsies a hole is the wall bar downtown Nashville, Tennessee! There were a couple live bands and we indulged in a few beverages and some two stepping. We had a ball. Nashville was so much fun! The next morning was a little rough (well maybe just for me). We were finally off and on the road to our next destination...Amarillo, TX.

  Needless to say, we did not make it to Texas that night. Arkansas was experiencing their worst snow storm in history, and we were lucky to be driving next to these inexperienced southern drivers. While a man in a huge jacked up pick-up truck slid from the right lane into our lane and hit us in the front and the back. Who knows how he managed to do that. He killed the jeep and got back into his truck and drove home. MK, Marisa, Scout and I were all luckily OK. We did have to take MK to the hospital to check out her crooked nose. Turns out it was not broken. They apparently have never seen a ski slope like hers :) Anyways, we were stuck in Van Buren, Arkansas. Don't know where that is? Don't worry we didn't either. We did however learn very quickly it was a dry county in the bible belt. Wait, those really exist? YUP. Don't worry guys, we took a cab ride from one of the last Van Buren bootleggers to the Wal-Mart in the next town over. We stocked up on food and booze while we were stuck in our hotel room for 2 straight days.

  Eventually we found a UHaul rental, drove it to the collision place, unloaded the Jeep took the plates and kissed it goodbye. The Jeep was headed to SUV heaven, or so we thought. From there I drove the U-Haul to Oklahoma City were we picked up a Ford Expedition at the airport. We returned the U-Haul, unpacked it and repacked EVERYTHING (people you know how much I pack) into the Expedition. From there we managed to salvage the rest of the trip. We made a pit stop up at the Grand Canyon and finally arrived in California only a day later. No Vegas for us this trip. Apparently it was not in the cards. It just wasn't ready for the three of us.

  I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart to Marisa and MK. You two were troopers and the best road trip mates ever. I could not have done that without you guys. I am so lucky to have friends that are STILL talking to me after that trip. I love you guys so much.

The Jeep packed to the brim.

All smiles!

Making the best of Van Buren, Arkansas. 

The infamous U-Haul.

Poor Jeep.

On the road again...

Scoutie, along for the ride.

At the Grand Canyon!

She's just a wittle won.

Strike a pose Ris.


Enjoying the scenery.

Finally in Cali!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Tufte New Years

Travis and I had a chance to travel to Wisconsin and ring in the New Year with a bang. The weekend consisted of beer, my first fried cheese curds, the rose bowl, presents and tattoos. An all round great weekend! Thank you to Mrs. and Mr. Tufte, Nikki and Conrad for hosting us! My first trip to the great midwest was a success. 

Gail and Doug

My future family!

Boys will be boys.

What a cutie!

 My wine/beer!

 Fried Cheese Curds. YUM!

The Brocach Irish Pub in Madison, WI!

Private tour of Tyranena Brewery!

The Tufte Family


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