Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Dog Beach

En route and excited!

 The Del Mar dog beach has got to be one of the dogs favorite places in California so far. Jameson (especially) loved the freedom, water and numerous big dogs he could sprint after. Scout being the little 15 pound princess she is, was a little hesitant. Most of the dogs were labs, shepherds and retrievers, not really her cup of tea size wise. Eventually she warmed up to the idea of the dog beach and was finally running after Jameson. She would quickly lose her nerve and come running back to our safety when a big dog came close to her. For the most part they did a pretty good sticking around us and not picking too many fights with other dogs. The dog beach was a huge sandy and wet success.

Scout...never too far.

Apparently everyone was busy.

Del Mar Dog Beach

The only picture of J (he was very busy).

Scout is ready for her close up.

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