Sunday, May 1, 2011

Jayne Wayne Day- as told by Travis

  In mid-March Moe had the opportunity to attend her very first Marine Corps Jane Wayne Day at Camp Pendleton.  Jane Wayne Day is an annual opportunity for spouses, fiancees and girlfriends to experience just a little bit of what being a Marine is like.  Moe showed up early on a Saturday morning, more than a little nervous about what was in store for her throughout the day.  Upon arrival she was assigned to a platoon based upon me being in CLB-5 and awaited the time when her drill instructors (DI) for the day would take charge.  When the DI's came out I think all the ladies were a bit surprised at how loud and in you face they are, especially after catching a little bit of spittle in the face.  However, it was pretty funny for most of the Marines watching, caught quite few a laughing it up as their significant other got the DI treatment.  From there they moved on to the rifle and pistol range.  Having never even touched a gun of any type Moe was more than a little nervous and almost threw in the towel right there.  After throwing back one final look of nervousness and worry she got done and started cracking off rounds like Rambo.  Maybe not the most accurate shooting ever but not too bad for a first timer.

  After the rifle she moved off into the pistol where, despite her fears about accidentally waving her loaded pistol around at other people, she did really well and was one of the best shooters of the morning.  Following the shooting the participants moved off to learn a little Marine Corps Martial Arts.  Moe got to throw some punches and knees and then headed off to take part in a combat fitness test (CFT).  During the CFT, she had to run with two full ammo cans (about 30 lbs a piece), carry another girl and complete a low crawl beating all the other gals she ran it against (they may have been a few years older!).  At the completion of the martial arts and CFT, the ladies were almost done for the day.  The next station consisted of static displays of several types of trucks which the Marine Corps uses.  The Marines who manned the display and talked to the particulars of each vehicle were from my Company.  I think they gave her a little preferential treatment and she got to throw on a flak jacket and helmet and climb up in the vehicle commander's seat of a mine resistant ambush protected (MRAP) vehicle.  She looked quite a bit more attractive than who you would usually find up in that seat.

  To conclude the day, they were all marched back to the starting point to finish the day.  Somehow they managed to mess up the walk back but they were fortunate enough to have the DI's offer them several opportunities to do it correctly.  Once they finally made it back, they were treated to a K-9 unit and explosive ordnance disposal team demonstration and then given a barbeque chicken lunch and sent home tired and sore.  All in all, I think she got a good appreciation of what being a Marine is all about and ended up doing really well at all the events too.

Anxiously awaiting the arrival of the DI's.

Look at where you're pointing babe!

Looking like a sharpshooter on the rifle.

About to bust a cap.

Showing that little guy who's boss.

Performing the fireman's carry during the CFT.

Hauling ammo cans during the CFT.

She makes it look good!

Good work Mosie!


  1. So awesome!!!! Great post!!

  2. This is my favorite post I've ever read. Henceforth, I will now refer to you as Rambo. Tell Travis to write more blogs and/or have you participate in more Marine fun days.


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