Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The most magical place on earth...

  So for the longest time I have been dying to get Travis up to Anaheim and spend a weekend at Disney Land.  I have been able to visit Disney World twice and Travis had yet to visit either park. So we decided to make a weekend of it. We packed up the car and drove up on Friday evening. But of course, before we could hit the road Travis wanted to make a quick stop at In-n-Out for dinner. As soon as we checked in to the hotel we ran right over to the park and hit some rides such as Space Mountain, Splash Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain. It was perfect timing as the lines were non-existant due to the fireworks show. Yeah, we all know I can stand to miss that show.  Saturday morning came and we hit the California Adventure Park. We were exhausted and needed an early dinner and early bedtime. Sunday morning came and we spent the rest of the weekend back at Disney Land. It was a great weekend and we cant wait to go back.  

He is so excited.

Get it Tufte.


Yeah, that is for two nights. 

Chip or Dale?



  Travis in his element.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

One Month...

  In exactly one month from today I will be walking down the aisle at St. Mary's Cathedral and marrying the love of my life, Travis G. Tufte. Then we will be sitting down with all of our family and friends for a dinner next to the St. Lawrence River and then finally cutting loose and hitting the dance floor (most likely late into the evening, knowing our family and friends).

Where the reception will be in one month!

  I am excited for a life with Travis and what is heading our way.  A life in the military is going to be an exciting one. I am prepping for our first move this summer and I know it is just the start. After Harrisburg, there are going to be more moves and even more adventures.  It is not always going to be easy with separations, possible future deployments, orders and more moves. But I could not have a better person to go through it together with!

Friday night 50 close family and friends will be having some drinks and appetizers on this boat while cruising around the 1,000 islands!

  This summer is going to go down in history as one of the best with all of the traveling, the bridal shower, bachelor and bachelorette parties, wedding, honeymoon, move across the country, more friends and family weddings and possibly purchasing our first home! Not to mention trying to get into graduate school for myself.  Phew.  I am so excited thinking about everything...I can't wait!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Happy, Happy Birthday Maaage!

Happy Birthday Margedawg!

Enjoy your last year in your Twenties! Ha.

No but seriously, I hope you have a wonderful day celebrating with Chase and B.

See you soon!

Your favorite cousin.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Bachelorette Party

All of the girls

      For the Bachelorette party, MK and Marge kept me in the dark and in suspense for months. I had no idea what they were planning and they would not even give me a hint. It was not until the morning of that I found out what was in store. They had planned a full day out and about wine tasting on Seneca Lake in the heart of The Finger Lakes Wine Country! Not to brag or anything, but this region is second in the country to Napa. They are most known for their award winning sweet, white Rieslings. This was exactly right up my alley. First and foremost, I LOVE my wine. Secondly, this place holds special meaning to me and some of my girlfriends as we attended Hobart and William Smith Colleges located at the top of the lake. Needless to say, in college we used to do a lot of these wine tastings.  After a day of tastings, gallavanting and lunch it was time to head back to Syracuse. Time flies when you are having fun. The limo dropped us off to the Syracuse Sheraton Hotel where we were met with pizza, wings and more food from my parents. After we ate, changed into some dancing clothes we hit downtown! (See Anna's dancing pictures) There we stayed dancing the night away. What a fun day! I could not have asked for anything better, but to be surrounded with loving friends, family and wine country! Thank you girls for everything that you did. I will always remember that weekend.

Anna and Rach enjoying a Mimosa

First stop Three Brothers Winery!

Recreating an favorite old picture!

Best Buds.

The whole gang

My Maid and Matron of Honor!

Glory Days! The old stomping grounds!

Wine tasting at Fox Run!

 Busy Tasting

I love this picture! Wonder what story MK is telling.

Friday, June 10, 2011

God Speed Skip!

  Today our friend Skip, a harrier pilot in the United States Marine Corps, leaves on his first deployment on the 31st MEU (Marine Expeditionary Unit) to Japan.  We are thinking of both you and Lindsay! Good luck and god speed! Can't wait to all hang out again when you come home.

  Semper Fi!

Skip and I! Good luck Bud. 


Lindsay and Skip :)

Finally, after over a year of trying, all four of us together!!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Mr and Mrs Baker

  On May 14th our dear friends John and Nicole finally tied the knot in Albany, New York.  Nicole has been a good friend of mine for several years now. I met Nico while working at the University of Rochester. The first time I saw her I said, "I want to be friends with that girl!" Nicole is outgoing, sweet and hilarious, she also knows how to have a great time. I remember one day we were talking and she said to me, "I am kind of dating a Marine." I looked at her and said I was kind of dating a Marine as well! All four of us even got the chance to double date a few times and enjoy a few laughs and drinks.  A little later around the same time, John went to TBS in Quantico, VA and Travis deployed to Afghanistan.  Nicole and I had dinner and wine nights where we talked and cried and were just there for each other.  We even named our group "Marine Corps Girlfriend Club".  She was an amazing shoulder to lean on and I am not sure if I would have made it through that deployment if it were not for those nights.
  Nicole and John finally tied the knot a month ago at St. Mary's church and the party continued to the Desmond Hotel. It was a beautiful ceremony and an awesome party full of family, friends and Marines. Travis was asked by John to be in the sword arch, and it looked amazing. Good job Marines! I am so happy for you two. Good luck to John Baker as he starts Flight School in Pensacola, FL tomorrow! We know you are going to kick butt. I can't wait until you guys get your first duty station and maybe we will be neighbors. 

  Congratulations John and Nicole!

Practicing before the ceremony.

Scott, Travis and Matt

Mr and Mrs Baker!

Welcome to the Marine Corps Ma'am!

The Bakers!

The sword detail!

Travis and I

Enjoying the after party!

Betsy, the beautiful bride and Travis. 

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Brunch at the Del!

  For please forgive me for how late this post is. I actually totally forgot about it and just found the pictures so I thought I would share. While living her for about 6 months now, T and I have found our favorite place in San Diego, Coronado Island.  This small little place takes you far away from California. It feels as though you are roaming the streets of Europe. There are beautiful beaches and views, side walk cafes, and some of the cutest houses I have ever seen. So for Valentines Day, T took me to the Hotel Del Coronado for an incredible brunch. Thank you for the perfect day Trav!

My soon-to-be-husband!

Unlimited champagne! YES.

The Beach!

Hotel Del!

Travis in my sunglasses!


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