Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Mr and Mrs Baker

  On May 14th our dear friends John and Nicole finally tied the knot in Albany, New York.  Nicole has been a good friend of mine for several years now. I met Nico while working at the University of Rochester. The first time I saw her I said, "I want to be friends with that girl!" Nicole is outgoing, sweet and hilarious, she also knows how to have a great time. I remember one day we were talking and she said to me, "I am kind of dating a Marine." I looked at her and said I was kind of dating a Marine as well! All four of us even got the chance to double date a few times and enjoy a few laughs and drinks.  A little later around the same time, John went to TBS in Quantico, VA and Travis deployed to Afghanistan.  Nicole and I had dinner and wine nights where we talked and cried and were just there for each other.  We even named our group "Marine Corps Girlfriend Club".  She was an amazing shoulder to lean on and I am not sure if I would have made it through that deployment if it were not for those nights.
  Nicole and John finally tied the knot a month ago at St. Mary's church and the party continued to the Desmond Hotel. It was a beautiful ceremony and an awesome party full of family, friends and Marines. Travis was asked by John to be in the sword arch, and it looked amazing. Good job Marines! I am so happy for you two. Good luck to John Baker as he starts Flight School in Pensacola, FL tomorrow! We know you are going to kick butt. I can't wait until you guys get your first duty station and maybe we will be neighbors. 

  Congratulations John and Nicole!

Practicing before the ceremony.

Scott, Travis and Matt

Mr and Mrs Baker!

Welcome to the Marine Corps Ma'am!

The Bakers!

The sword detail!

Travis and I

Enjoying the after party!

Betsy, the beautiful bride and Travis. 

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