Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Big news here!

Read all about it!

Travis and I are moving back to the East Coast!

  Yup, that is right people. Travis and I have just received the exciting news that he has new orders to Harrisburg Pennsylvania. Trav will be the new quality control officer for the 4th Marine Corps District at the New Cumberland Army Depot. We are both very excited for this new chapter in our lives and to be closer to family and friends.

-East Coast living!
-Close to WI, MN, and NY
-4 Seasons
-No deployments for 3 years
-'Cuse basketball games
-No more Cali drivers

-Beach across the street

I think that we made a great decision! Well, maybe ask us again in March when it is still snowing.

From San Diego, CA to...

The capital of PA!

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