Friday, September 9, 2011

Back to the East Coast

Our first home as newlyweds (for one week)

  Our time in California was rapidly coming to a close when we got home from the honeymoon. We had a ten days to pack the house and get on road. The loading and driving processes would not have been possible without the help of dear old dad (father-in-law). Doug Tufte you are a savior. The trip from Carlsbad, CA to Harrisburg, PA took a total of 10 days. We made stops in Madison, WI to visit Conrad and Nikki. Then we were off to the Twin Cities for a friend's wedding. Our next stop was Clevland, OH and a stay with my sister MK and Robby. Then it was off to Syracuse, NY and finally we unloaded in Harrisburg. It was a long but fun trip. We are excited about being back on the East Coast, closer to family and friends. 

  Goodbye California. We will miss our amazing house, your gorgeous weather, beautiful beaches and sunsets. 

  But we won't miss your traffic and prices!

  Maybe we will meet again soon. 

  XO, The Tuftes

Goodbye 6967

 Hold on Jeep!

Last picture in the house

 Here we go

Couldn't do it without those Tufte men!

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