Thursday, August 4, 2011

Honeymoon Day 4 & 5

  Day 4: July 30th and 31st were lazy days. We woke up when we wanted and gradually strolled to breakfast. This was Travis' favorite meal of the day. Often times we spent close to 2 hours at breakfast. We would arrive pick up a paper, start on juices and coffee and eventually work our way to the buffet. There was enormous amounts of fruits, cheese's, meats, breads, breakfast foods and traditional Mexican dishes. Travis would make at least three trips up everyday, and the best part for him was the price. It was FREE! The only free things about the resort. I believe that Travis single handedly made up the difference in 9 days. Way to go babe!

 On our way to breakfast

At our 2 hour breakfast

  After our breakfast we were headed to the pool near our villa. It looked like it was going to rain all afternoon so we were the only ones there. We swam up to the bar and ordered drinks and a delish lunch.  Pretty soon it did rain so we ran to the lobby for cover and wait out the little storm. 

 Off to the pool for the afternoon

 T enjoying a book

 Enjoying a daiquiri

Had to take a ring picture!

Relaxing in the pool

A floating T

 Poolside lunch

Waiting out the rainstorm

Off to our favorite place for dinner

Day 5: July 31st we rented bikes from the resort. The place was so big that often times you needed a golf cart ride or bike to get to either restaurants or the beach. Some people made negative comments regarding this aspect of the place, but we actually kinda liked it. We biked to breakfast, biked back to the room and then hit the pool by the beach for the day. Here is our day in pictures. 

We rented bikes for a couple days

He loves to bike

My fish


 Hanging out at the pool

 A rainbow...duh

Off to dinner!

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  1. Your photos are making me want to go back, BAD.
    Thanks for linking up!


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