Friday, August 5, 2011

Honeymoon Day 6 & 7

  Day 6: Ok, I am getting to the end of the honeymoon. Sorry these posts are becoming a bit monotonous. I promise they are almost done, so please hang in there with me. Yet again, days 6 and 7 of the honeymoon were pretty lazy. We woke up ate a huge breakfast and biked to the beach again for some reading, chatting, drinks and lunch. 

 The most comfortable beach chairs in the world!

Nice view.


 How cute is he in my fedora?

  Often days we would come back to our villa to hang out and relax just the two of us before our dinner reservations. We quickly came up with 'Tufte happy hour' as Travis would mix and make some drinks for us. Here I caught a funny moment when he walked out, tripped and spilled a bit. He always makes me laugh, especially those faces. 

Portrait Sesh

 Cheers dahhling

Off to dinner reservations!

  Day 7: Started with another HUGE breakfast! Imagine that. Then we hit the beach. Again, imagine that. What was fun about today was the boat ride. Who does not love being in a boat?! The resort is built on and around a series of mangroves. Another way to the beach, besides the golf cart and bikes is a boat ride. If you are adventurous and seriously wealthy, you can choose to have a private dinner aboard the boat. I was dreaming about this until Travis told me the price. 800 bucks! Ok, maybe next time. (And by next time I mean probably never)

 In his breakfast prime

Catching up on some Men's Health

Boat Ride!

Tufte happy hour

 He couldn't put the Carl Hiaasen DOWN!

Our private in villa BBQ!

  Our dinner on night 7 was probably one of our favorites. Travis really surprised me here! He set up this amazing in villa private BBQ for just us. We had a waiter and a cook set up and cook right outside for us. We started with incredible chips, guacamole and Mexican salsa. Then we had grilled corn, lobster and fish. Then our main course was steak and rice. Finally we finished with Delicious chocolate truffles. Needless to say, both T and I were in so much pain. I have never been to stuffed in my entire life. But what a night! One I will always remember. Thank you Travis.

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  1. Just saw your blog from Looks like an amazing honeymoon! We just got back from ours a few weeks ago :) Where was this place?


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