Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Weekend in Beantown

  On Friday September 30th, Travis and I hit the road and traveled to Boston for the weekend. We left the pups in Syracuse with my family and were off on a quick trip. By the time we actually got into Boston, around 2am, everyone was already home from the bars. Saturday morning we were up and off to the Harpoon Brewery for their annual Octoberfest. It was nice to have Travis there this year because last year he was deployed. It was a perfect sunny day to visit with friends and drink a few beers. I have to say that their Harpoon cider was amazing! After the fest we were off to Beacon Hill for some more pizza and beers. After dinner we hit the infamous Beacon Hill Bar were we got to meet up with some more friends. On Sunday morning we were up and on the road by 11am for the 10 hour drive back to PA! It was a fun but quick trip. I miss everyone and cant wait to see you soon. Betsey and Eliza thank you for your hospitality. 

The usual

Ris and Anna

We did NOT plan this. 

Or this

Betsey and Andrew

Doing the infamous "Betsey head tilt"

Eliza and Anna


  1. What fun!! Enjoy
    ti and ray

  2. hahah love!

    xox Maris

  3. love this! Except- I look like a giant next to Anna.



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