Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Wild Animal Park

  One Saturday Travis and I made a day excursion to San Diego's Wild Animal Park. We had a fun time eating popcorn and strolling around the park looking at all of the safari animals. We took a tram ride through the "African safari" and caught a glimpse of lions, elephants, zebras, buffalo and even ostriches. It was a little corny and we may have been the only two adults sans kids, but we still had a great time. Perhaps our next "safari" will actually occur in Africa. Now wouldn't that be a fun adventure!? Who knows.

  Here are some of our pictures!

  P.S Wear comfy shoes and dress cooler,  the weather is much warmer inland!

 My handsome guide for the day.

 "Safari Walk" = wear comfy shoes

YES! My favorite part of the day...live petting zoo. 

T getting in on some deer action...wait is he licking you?

Africa...or Escondido!

Too busy eating popcorn.  

I just had to do it.

 He actually looks like a turtle.

 Feeding the ducks.

 Tram ride self portrait.

He's just a little guy.

Deep in thought. 

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