Saturday, November 12, 2011

Marine Corps Ball 2011

  This year Travis and I got to celebrate the 236th Birthday with the 4th Marine Corps District here in Harrisburg, PA. Like always we had such a blast. We had a great dinner, met some friends and even hit the dance floor. Then it was off to downtown to have some more fun. I was moved and very proud of all the hard work and dedication these Marines and and Marines deployed and stationed throughout the world display. 

  Happy Birthday Marines!


  Semper fi.

Our prom picture

At dinner

"This one's for Mimi"

Before we hit the dance floor

Our in H-burg

The boys

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  1. OK - So this might be strange, however, I was at the Marine Corps ball in Harrisburg last year, and it just occurred to me (being Independence Day) that I never looked at the professional pictures that were taken and I can't figure out the name of the photographer who took them. Do you happen to have any of that information laying around? Thank you!

    PS - I was looking through your blog a bit trying to find an email address and I saw that you got engaged (I think?) in the Adirondacks. That is where I am originally from! :)


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