Saturday, October 15, 2011

PA school - here I come!

  After four years applying to graduate schools, I finally got in! Yes, you heard that right...four years! In January I will be one of seventeen students entering the Physician Assistant Studies program at Clarkson University in Potsdam, NY.  I am so thrilled to finally be starting my graduate school education. It has been a long time in the making; from the prerequisites, to labs, clinical work and interviews. This interview was probably my last chance to go to PA school, so there was a lot riding on it. I can't imagine myself doing anything else with my life. This is what I have been working for over the last three years.

  While I am so excited, on the other hand, the timing kills me when I thinking about it. I wish that this happened two or three years ago. Now I have to leave Travis and Jameson and move 393 miles away. For two years we will be 6 and a half hours apart. Just writing this breaks my heart. We are talking about dividing our wedding presents, furniture, our dogs and are beginning to look for apartments in Potsdam. Not exactly what I planned on for our first 2 years of marriage.

  What I keep telling myself is that it's not forever. We have been through worse! Heck, we dated for the first year and a half long distance and made it through a 7 month deployment to Afghanistan. We can certainly do this! I remind myself daily that going to PA school will make us stronger. It will help me find professional jobs where ever the Marine Corps takes us. And most importantly I don't have to give up my dream.

The distance between...

It will be like dating all over again

In Potsdam I will be close to family and friends in the North Country

Can you say "Summer days on the River"!?

I get to make new friends

Learn....A TON

Scout can live with me

There will be lots of skyping and hopefully snail mail

Pretty decent vacations scheduled in

I got super cute binders and notebooks

I am going to be a PA!

I don't want to leave my new husband and home

Class, studying and papers...A TON

Already probably going to miss a friends wedding

I have to move AGAIN for the 4th time this year

Winter in Upstate NY does not sound like fun

No Wegmans

No Crossfit box

Not a lot of anything actually...

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