Friday, November 4, 2011

Run Travis, Run

  On Sunday, October 30th, Travis ran the Marine Corps Marathon in DC. I am so proud of him! He made a commitment and he really stuck with it. He had to train during the craziest few months, running on our honeymoon and the move across the country. Once he signed up he was going 100 percent all the time. He never made excuses and always found time to finish his runs, especially the long ones. This is something I really admire in Travis. He is motivated and committed. (The 100 dollar entrance fee may have been a little motivation as well, he does not throw money around!)

  Since he had the following Monday off from work, we made a long weekend of it. On Saturday night we explored 8th and I, had dinner on 8th street, and had a chance to meet up with friends from Yuma, AZ. Sunday we were up at the crack of dawn to navigate to the start of the race (did I mention it was 34 degrees?) After the race we rested and showered up for a nice romantic dinner.  On Monday it was back to reality and Pennsylvania. 

Sunrise at the start of the race

Osprey flyover

Getting pumped up


  Now I had a plan, map and metro ticket to catch Travis at three different locations on the course. Of course, somehow, I missed him at every single one! I was so upset and felt so bad. I have no idea how I could possibly not see him, let alone 3 different times.  I am bummed that I didn't get any action photos. But I did steal a couple from the the official race site.

Maybe, just maybe, the next one we can run together!

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