Thursday, December 1, 2011

Christmas Traditions

  To me Christmas is about family, friends, good times and traditions. One of my favorite traditions growing up was picking out our Christmas tree. In Syracuse, the entire family made the trek out into the country to pick our tree at a local family farm. It was always full of excitement, snow, and hot chocolate. Nothing is better then the smell of a fresh cut tree! Just the smell of pine brings back those feelings of nostalgia.  Last year in Rochester, when Travis was on his post deployment leave, we were able to pick and cut one down. This year Travis and I wanted to cut down our Christmas Tree and keep this tradition alive. We did some research and found a cute little family run tree farm outside of Harrisburg. We both wanted to get a tree as soon as possible so we went as soon as we got home from Minnesota, the Sunday after Thanksgiving.  That day it was about 60 degrees out! It was fun to skip the snow suits, boots, and freezing cold, but then again it felt a little wrong. Anyways, sans snow it was still fun. 

Tree farm

Ready to go

My gosh, you are six feet tall!

We found the one

Our tree

Travis doing all of the tough work


That took him all of 1 minute

Again, busy at work. 

Showing off those man skills. 

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