Thursday, December 8, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

  A few days after we cut down our tree, and we had let the branches "fall" we finally got to decorate. So we made some hot chocolate, put on our favorite Christmas play list and went to town. Then we settled onto the couch to enjoy our tree and watch a movie together. It was PERFECTION!

  I am loving our first Christmas together so far. And we have so much more to look forward too.  The weekend before Christmas we are going to do our own little one. We can open A FEW of our presents, we are going to the Nutcracker and we are cooking a Christmas feast! Then the official holiday weekend we will be in Syracuse with my family.  After it is off to the River for the big Hannan Family Christmas. Be sure to look for pictures of Travis doing a polar swim in the St. Lawrence River. It is his year!

Oh many fun things to look forward to.

Stringing lights. 

The finished product!


Our first tree

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