Thursday, December 29, 2011

Moving up in the world.

   A few weeks ago I upgraded both my phone and my number. I am now officially an iphone user... hooray!  I am still learning how to use it as well as well as all of the apps, but I am already obsessed with one... Instagram! This app allows me to take and instantly create beautiful pictures by adjusting filters and colors. The final products are unique and very retro. The camera on the iphone allows me to take pictures when I am not lugging around my SLR and camera bag. Here are some of my pictures so far. Oh, and be prepared there are going to be many more to come in the future. 


  1. Yay for iPhone! You will wonder how you ever lived without it. I am bad at Instagramming though, I should really get on that.

    I love the city signs, too!

  2. Thank you Lauren! Are there any apps that you can't live without?

    Yeah, I am loving the city signs too! We are starting a little collection, a perfect idea for those who are in the military or just move around a lot.


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