Saturday, January 7, 2012

The big move.

  So the past 3 days Travis and I have been super busy with the big move up to NY. We separated, organized and packed everything in Harrisburg, made a quick stop in Syracuse to load a few more items, then have been busy cleaning, organizing, making Wal-Mart trips and unpacking in my new apartment! If you know me well, you have witnessed the numerous bags for a simple weekend trip. Now try and imagine packing for a year or two and trying to fit it all in a 500 square foot apartment! That is no easy feat. Good thing I have Travis here to help me. Not to mention trying to spend and soak up as much time as we can together. Only one more day before the rush of school hits and Travis heads back to Pennsylvania. Better go and enjoy it.

Disclaimer to family and friends living in the North Country: I love baked goods, home cooked meals, I prefer red to white wine, and I love visitors! Just don't come in a bunch, my apartment can only hold about three people. No, but seriously.


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