Sunday, January 15, 2012

Hannan Family Christmas

A celebrity guest post by my sister MK:

You know that standard conversation with co-workers post holidays? The one where everyone tries to trump each other with a story about how craaazy and/or dysfunctional their respective families are? I always find myself winning that war. I have several go-to stories in my back pocket that somehow always bring that conversation to an end.

Did your mom steal a sign from the first fairway of a golf course in the dead of night and then give it to you for Christmas? Didn't think so. 

The day started out fairly typical, meaning we were running about 1.5 hours behind schedule. About half the family had arrived and my cousin Tommy had already changed into his bathing suit and gone swimming in the river. The first polar bear plunge and we hadn't even started yet! Things picked up quickly as 33 people poured in to Mimi's living room. Plus one dog and also Scout (who counts as part dog, part cat, part small child). Wrapping paper was flying everywhere. Babies were crying. "Who ate all the deviled eggs?" Wine and Bloody Marys were being poured. Meatballs. Cheese and crackers. Mimi's default appetizer: Cheetos. "Grab me another blue." You know, the typical scene.

If there is one other thing I can tell you about our family it is that we LOVE our traditions. This includes our annual ham salad contest. We had a new entrant in Uncle John, plus Billybob made not one but TWO batches of ham salad. Tommy emcee-ed the contest with a little help from John Jameson himself. The plot thickened as there was a discrepancy in the results. "He who has a doctorate in MATH? MISCOUNT?" The tension was palpable. It was like the 2000 Presidental Election recount all over again. Brooke helped straighten things out and Tommy announced that BILL and JOHN had TIED for first. Mimi and Kathy, the queens of ham salad, usurped from the throne.

Quite dramatic, I know.

There was also three more rounds of various men/boys swimming in the river. Yes, three rounds. My father calls it his annual cardiac exam. I call it sick. He likes to maintain his position as 'the oldest who has gone swimming the most consecutive years' or something to that effect. His personal claim to fame within the family - and nobody seems eager to contest him. But the real shocker this year was Travis. Last year Trav brandished his 'but-I-was-deployed' card as an excuse, albeit a very good one, and we let it slide. This year, he finally took his inaugural dunk in the icy river. A baptism into the family. We welcomed him with opens arms and a warm towel.

The night grew rowdy and we somehow convinced Mimp to make popcorn. Danny took notes and even called dibs on Mimp's pot! I think we ate three whole batches of popcorn. That stuff is beyond words. I don't know what makes it so special, but there really is nothing like it.

Kinda like our family. I wouldn't have it any other way.

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  1. Haha. Love this!

    Gotta love those Hannans.

    So MK, when are you starting a blog?? I'll be a faithful reader!


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