Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

For Memorial Day weekend both Travis and I had a long weekend. Score. We were able to head to the St. Lawrence River for a little rest and relaxation. We stayed with my cousins Danny, Brooke, and Julia at my Aunt Kathy's beautiful new "camp", if you could even call it that, right on the River. 

Travis played some golf with the family, I did a little work, and we played some trivial pursuit with the cousins. It was a perfect weekend! Well, minus all the studying and assignments I had. 

We also made a little time for dinner at the Gran View and a family party on Sunday. 

Our dinner view

Marge, Molly, and I

Cutest baby ever. My godson Caelum.

St. Lawrence River


Another view

A little Kan-Jam

Friday, May 18, 2012

OBX Intsagramed

On our way

Beaching it

The view

 Arm candy

Necessary beach shoes

From our porch

My bump on a log

Rocking chairs

Sanderling flags

Currituck Sound

Just hanging on the beach

Beach essentials

Tufte cocktail hour

Our dinner view

Champagne while we wait for a table

Watching the sun rise

Bodie Lighthouse

Light Station

Hatteras Lighthouse

View from the top

The actual top

The Sanderling Beach


Photo curtesy of Travis 

Photo curtesy of Travis

Friday, May 11, 2012

Outer Banks, NC

After successfully completing my first semester of PA school (with a 3.8 if I don't mind adding) I had a week vacation to look forward to. We have been trying to plan little getaways for each break because this is only uninterrupted time we have together. While Travis comes up to visit while I am in school it is usually quick and most of the time I have so much work to do. So with the built in breaks from school, we try and pack as much in as possible. 

For May break we wanted to head somewhere warm and a place we had never been before. We decided on the Outer Banks, North Carolina. It ended up being the perfect time to go, the weather was beautiful and we felt like the only ones there. We found a perfect place in Duck, NC called the Sanderling Resort and Spa. The only downside going during the "off season" was the beach bar and pool were closed. Oh well, not a big deal. We relaxed on the beach each day, enjoyed a little Tufte cocktail hour around around 5, and then showered up and went out to dinner. Sounds a little like our daily honeymoon schedule, which I have absolutely no problem with. On the last day we drove down the island and made stops along the way at the Bodie and Cape Hatteras Light Lighthouses. 

Here are some of my favorite pictures...

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