Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

For Memorial Day weekend both Travis and I had a long weekend. Score. We were able to head to the St. Lawrence River for a little rest and relaxation. We stayed with my cousins Danny, Brooke, and Julia at my Aunt Kathy's beautiful new "camp", if you could even call it that, right on the River. 

Travis played some golf with the family, I did a little work, and we played some trivial pursuit with the cousins. It was a perfect weekend! Well, minus all the studying and assignments I had. 

We also made a little time for dinner at the Gran View and a family party on Sunday. 

Our dinner view

Marge, Molly, and I

Cutest baby ever. My godson Caelum.

St. Lawrence River


Another view

A little Kan-Jam

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