Monday, July 23, 2012

First Anniversary

Happy First Wedding Anniversary!

(Photo Credit: My father)

It is hard to believe that a year ago Travis and I said "I do" in front of our closest family and friends on the St. Lawrence River. While this first year of marriage hasn't been the most ideal, we are still holding strong. In the first twelve months of our marriage we have only lived together for the first six. The last six and the next twenty one months have been and will continue to be spent long distance while I continue my graduate education in Upstate New York and Travis works in Harrisburg, PA. 

It's not easy but we are making due. Time apart makes me appreciate him so much more. It makes the time we actually get to spend together that much more precious. Our relationship is constantly tested and will continue to be strengthened. I know in the long run we will be better for it. We have made it through cross country dating, a deployment to Afghanistan, and now graduate school 400 miles apart. We can do anything, and I truly believe that.

This past year I have come to realize how incredibly amazing and supportive my husband is (It's still so surreal to type that word... husband). He is constantly encouraging me and pushing me to pursue my dream, even if it means us living apart. He listens to me vent about tests, proofreads my papers, sits with me at school while I study, and even allows me to practice exams on him. 

TGT, thank you for such an amazing first year of marriage. I am looking forward to all of the future holds for us, including actually living together, buying our first home and eventually starting our own 

I love you.

To the next 59 years...

Cheers darling.

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  1. LOVE.

    Happy Anniversary, friend! And cheers to many many more! :)


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