Tuesday, April 30, 2013

North Carolina

It was spring break and I had a whole week off from school. So Travis and I decided to use our time off for both a little vacation and a little recon as well (see what I did there?) A common topic of conversation is our next duty station (more on that later), so we decided to use our time wisely and just do it all in one trip. We found a little studio apartment available for the week in Wrightsville Beach, NC that was a block away from the beach. 

The weather did not cooperate very well all week. Actually, it was kinda miserable. If it wasn't raining it was misting and chilly. We only made it to the beach for an hour and I couldn't even sit out in my suit. So, we had to find some other fun things to do and explore. So instead of spending time on the beach we (I) went shopping, watched two movies, read books, explored the USS North Carolina and even went on a haunted pub crawl. 

The other part of the trip was to seriously think about whether we would like living in coastal North Carolina. We had a chance to look at several developments and possible houses. I fell in love with a couple locations and the possibility of building our dream home. I have it all planned out. 

I have some very fond memories in NC and it was fun to go back and relive some of them. I met and found a great group of friends, including my husband. I think this is why I love this place so much. If you can't tell I am very nostalgic. 

Here are some of my favorite instagrams from the week!

Rainy Monday morning at Starbucks.

First walk on the beach.

Lunch at Buddy's in Surf City, NC

Under the Pier

Surf City Pier


Catching up on a classic

USS North Carolina


Obligatory foot picture

Checking out the island

Best part of the trip

My person

Loving it.

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