Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Great Escape

It was a hot Saturday afternoon, Fourth of July weekend, on the St. Lawrence River. The girls had just finishing showering Brooke with baby gifts and the boys had just come off the course from a sweaty 18 holes. We all congregated at camp with cocktails and appetizers, like we usually do. At one point, and I am not sure I can explain why, the grandparents and adults ended up sitting on the back patio while the cousins were sitting on the front porch. Out of nowhere Danny asks, "Think they would notice if we left in the boat?" So we all quickly pack up our stuff, grab the drinks and head out on the dock. "Why is the Customs boat at the neighbors dock?" MK panics and dumps her red wine into an empty poland springs bottle. "Slick MK," I say to her. We are running out to the dock, starting the boat, all while trying not to laugh and make too much noise. We make it out on the open water without detection! Only to realize we should go back to camp and get the little kids for their first boat ride. It was fun to escape and pretend that we were still teenagers participating in a defiant act against our parents. But in actuality, we were just grown ups taking the boat out, and no one even noticed we were gone. 


Mimi and Mimp

Practicing their swings

Shelby & Keegan

Travis had no idea what to do

My godson!

MK & the poland springs bottle

The ring leader

Joy ride is over



Getting Ready

Clearly thrilled with his first boat ride

Marge & Caleum

Must have been a good story


Checking out the view

I will never get sick of this view

Time for s'mores and stories

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