Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Two years.

All images courtesy of Alice G. Patterson

Today marks our second wedding anniversary and for the second year in a row we do not get to spend it together. However, despite this adversity, there is light at the end of the tunnel. A little over nine months from now and Moe will graduate and we will finally get to start our lives together (for the second time!) This past two years has brought many struggles and has been rough on us both and although there is still a ways to go, the time is definitely winding down on this difficult chapter of our lives. I couldn’t be prouder of all that Moe has accomplished while in school and the remarkable resolve and determination she has shown while going through a far from ideal situation. It hasn’t been easy on either of us but she’s been incredibly strong, even if she doesn’t always think so. I only wish that she could see herself from the outside, she’d see what I see which is a smart, beautiful woman who is excelling in PA school and is a wonderful wife, even from so far away. While there are still many miles to drive and many more Sunday goodbyes before graduation, every one gone by is one less and as I like to tell her, we’re finally starting to run out. Before we know it, we’ll be moving on to the next phase in life and we’ll be doing it together, stronger and more in love than ever with PA school in the rear view mirror.  

Happy Anniversary Mosie, I can’t wait to have many more together in the future!

Love Trav

All images courtesy of Alice G. Patterson



    Happy Anniversary to both of you! I still can't get over how gorgeous you looked on your wedding day, Mo. STUNNING!


  2. Happy Anniversary Moe and Travis! Photographing your wedding was among my career highlights :-) You two are so awesome, and your wedding was so beautiful! Lots of love

  3. Thank you Anna! I love that you were so much apart of our day. I MISS YOU! XOXO

  4. travi the rabbi, you've outdone yourself :) nicely written - points for you! so glad you guys are in the final stretch of living apart. not awesome to do that for years on end... proud of both of you for getting through it and staying strong and supporting each other. congrats on two years of marital bliss <3


  5. Thank you Lindsay, that means so much to the both of us. We both love and miss!



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