Saturday, August 31, 2013

Mr & Mrs!

August 17th, 2013 was the day my dear friend Betsey said yes to Andrew while overlooking the the Atlantic Ocean and Nauset Beach. Needless to say the wedding and entire weekend was perfect. I can never remember the exact moment when I met Betsey at Hobart and William Smith Colleges. I guess I have always had a memory of her throughout the numerous Biology courses we shared. Specifically, I can remember sitting next to Betsey in one class in which I probably spent more time watching her write meticulous notes with her five different colored gel pens. Maybe I should have figured in this moment, we would soon become close friends. However, it was not until our Junior year spring semester study abroad when we both truly connected. Betsey was studying in Copenhagen, Denmark with some other friends from HWS while I was in Norwich, England. One long weekend I decided to come and visit everyone. While I stayed with my best friend Marisa, I ended up spending an entire day with Betsey as Ris spent the entire day in the Biology Lab. I swear, Marisa is still jealous to this day of our outing. This day, I actually remember very well. Looking back on that day I remember the constant laughing and easy conversation we had. We spent the day together at Tivoli Gardens, and it was spectacular. I dragged poor Betsey on every rollercoaster I could find. Even now I am surprised that she is still friends with me. Over a bowl of noodles for lunch at Wagamama I thought to myself, "Why haven't we been closer friends for the last three years?" Over the course of our semester abroad we bonded on our shared love of science, travel, limoncello and all things preppy. We instantly became friends and have grown closer even after graduation. My only wish is that we were closer in location. Maybe one day when we move to Newport.

Congratulations to the new couple! Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your special day. Can't wait to see you both again soon. We love you guys.

P.S I hope I did not embarrass myself too much on the dance floor that night. 

The beautiful bride

Best bridesmaid gifts ever!

Pictures on the beach

William Smith Girls!

Some champs to calm the nerves

Officially the Galvins


Someone found a dark and stormy

Cutest ring bearers ever.

Newport Crew

Thank you Meadows Family!


The perfect evening


  1. Moe, I just stumbled along your blog! I love it and YES, move to newport some day!! You are a wonderful person, love to hang out more! XXOO
    You take awesome pictures! Thank you for being a part of my sisters life!! -Katie Gray

    1. Thank you Katie for the sweet comment! I just adore your entire family and look forward to seeing everyone more after graduation. Can't wait to come back to Newport to visit! xo Moe


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