Saturday, October 19, 2013

Hurry up and wait

Marine Corps Duty Stations

 A common conversation topic is starting our new life together. A life after two and a half years apart. A life after graduate school, separate apartments, 800 mile round trips and tear jerking Sunday goodbyes. A life where we are living together again as husband and wife. So this is something we have talked and dreamt about for so many months. Finally, it is starting to become real. Well, maybe I shouldn't get too ahead of myself. We still have another 6 and a half months. But hey, that is better than 28 right?

A common topic is WHERE we are going. It works out perfectly (for once) that when I graduate next summer Travis will be finishing up his time in Marine Corps Recruiting. After taking this job to be on the same coast and closer to me during school, it is time to start thinking about and ranking our next duty stations.  The way the Marine Corps assigns it's personnel is a little complicated.  Each military occupational specialty (MOS) has a person called a monitor in charge of placing all the officers with that MOS where they are needed throughout the Marine Corps, some are in the fleet (deployable) and some are not in the fleet (non-deployable).  Because Travis has been out of the fleet for two and a half years, it is time to go back.  Now back to the monitor, every fall the monitor puts out a billet (open jobs) list for all the officers scheduled to move the following summer, once the list comes out, Travis has to give the monitor a list of his top six billets and wouldn't you know it, the list just came out this past Friday. There is a pretty good spread of billets everywhere with the exception of Hawaii where there are only two. 

Possible Fleet Locations:
1. Camp Pendleton Oceanside, CA
2. Marine Corps Base Hawaii Kane'ohe Bay, HI
3. Camp Lejeune in Jacksonville, NC
4. Camp Smedley D. Butler Okinawa, Japan

For the past year or so Travis and I have been back and forth between the east coast and the west coast. I have been itching to travel and do something different while he is wanting to go back to California. While we have only spent approximately 8 months total there together, I feel like it is time for something completely new and different. Clearly we are not on the same page about this. So to compromise we placed our two top choices (Hawaii for me and California for Travis) and handed them in. Now it is out of our hands and up to the Marine Corps. When it comes down to it both places will be amazing and fun. Plus, no matter where we go I won't have to deal with another upstate NY winter! So I am happy. I have a feeling deep down that we will probably end back up in California and I am ok with that. There are still so many places we didn't get to see and things we didn't do. Time for a new travel list!

In reality it doesn't really matter where we end up. Even though we rank choices, the needs of the Marine Corps always come first and there's always the chance of being thrown a curve ball. Who knows maybe we will end up in Okinawa Japan! The most important thing though, regardless of where we end, is that we are finally together and starting our life together all over again. Too bad we have to wait until February to find out our next duty station location. Until then better hurry up and wait. 


  1. We were in this exact same situation not too long ago! It was so nerve wracking! It's hard for me to deal with the fact that our future is completely out of our hands! Luckily, we recently found out we got our first choice and get to stay close to home! Can't wait to hear where yall end up. February will be here before you know it!

    1. Yeah, it is such a tough process. It's so hard not being in control but on the other hand we might never get to live and explore some of these places if it wasn't for the military. I can't wait to find out where we are going next! Are you two staying in Texas? Where else have you been stationed? xo Moe

  2. So exciting!! Both places sound really neat. I would live in either one in a heartbeat. Hopefully the Marine Corps will put you in the best place! Excited for you guys to finally be together!! :)

    1. Thanks Laura! The best part is finally living together again. That is what I am so excited about, the location and the travel is just extra. xo Moe


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