Monday, November 25, 2013

What I learned in Internal Medicine...

I have started to realize that I do not share much about PA school and my studies on the blog. First of all it's difficult to know what I can say about my experiences with patient confidentiality and secondly I am not sure if anyone is necessarily interested. However, this is a huge part and sometimes the only thing that is going on in my life. Well, since school is going to start winding down pretty soon, I thought maybe I should share and document some of my experiences, after all this is why I have a blog. Here is a list of things I learned in my last rotation...

PA School

1. I really enjoyed this rotation, more so than I ever thought.

2. There is SO MUCH I don't know. Not that I wasn't aware of this before, but it is just even more apparent.

3. It made me critically think more than I have in other rotations, and I liked that. 

4. Sometimes you have to shout really loudly for patients to hear you.

5. You talk about bodily functions WAY too much, but it's necessary and I just had to learn to get over it.

6. Polypharmacy, sometimes it's the cause of the problem. 

7. Certain diseases and processes have distinct smells. I am not going to say any more.

8. Regulations & Paperwork - there are a lot of them. 

9. Nine times out of ten patients have more than one problem at a time. Sometimes three or more. It can get kind of confusing and difficult to keep track of everything.

10. You can order alcohol for patients. Seriously, I have seen it on the med list: 1 can of beer PO Qdaily. Who knew?!

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  1. I would love for you to write more about this! I find it so interesting!!


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