Friday, December 12, 2014

North Shore

The other weekend we took a little jaunt up to the North Shore in the jeep with friends. We explored, ate lunch at a shrimp truck and vegged out on the beach. It was the perfect day. What could be better than causing around the North Shore with the top down listening to Jack Johnson? NOTHING. The boys spent some time in the big waves at Waimea Bay and even scouting some new places for spearfishing while the girls explored and took lots of pictures. I can't wait for more adventures just like this. 

Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Recently, Travis and his friend Tommy have taken up the Hawaiian art of spearfishing. Basically, it is ancient way of fishing using a "Hawaiian Sling" to spear the fish while free-diving. Essentially, this means that Caitlin (Tommy's wife) and I sit on the beach reading and taking photos while we wait for our men to catch dinner. We are STILL waiting for the guys to actually spear something, but when they do and we get to fry it up it will be absolutely delicious. 

Friday, November 7, 2014

'Nalo Living

It has been officially two months of living in our little house in Waimanalo, and it's starting to feel more like home everyday. The dogs have arrived safe and soundly, with just one little mishap, more on that later. All of the boxes have been unpacked and they were finally carted away by the moving company. While there is still more organizing, picture hanging and furniture buying we are fairly well set in the meantime. I swear it takes approximately a year to be truly settled. It was funny unpacking our belongings, I discovered some of our wedding presents that I haven't seen or put to use with living long distance. I almost feel like we are newlyweds again. Since graduating in May, this is the longest period of time we have spent together in four years. To say that it has been wonderful is an understatement. Words cannot describe how blissful it is to wake up on a Sunday make coffee and eggs together and not have to worry about saying goodbye again. No more sleeping alone, counting down days, driving over 12 hours roundtrip to visit each other for 40 hours. Life has become normal again and it feels glorious. I think that Ashley, who blogs at, says it the best, it is delightfully mundane. And in the military life, that is something to really cherish. In this new delightful mundane life we have instituted our weekly Tufte Turkey Taco Tuesday, cocktail hour on the porch every Friday evening and Sunday walks on the beach with the pups. I know I need to soak this up before the craziness of life happens again. In the near future is the promise of a job for me (cross your fingers), studying and remembering how to practice medicine again. Soon Travis will have courses, training exercises and a deployment. I try not to think about the latter, but soon I will have to face the reality of the situation. But for now, I will just stay in this peaceful little beach bungalow in Waimanalo, where we stay in bed all weekend, drinking our coffee.

Pictures are from Waimanalo Beach just down the street!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Hawaii Update

After a crazy busy summer of graduation, moving, studying, traveling, weddings, goodbyes more packing and traveling we are finally here! And after 40 days and nights at the Hilton in Waikiki (it was fun for the first 10) we are now in our "country cottage" in Waimanalo. Lots has been going on since we have arrived and I will try and catch up a bit.

Together we celebrated our third wedding anniversary complete with a booze cruise and fancy dinner. Because that's how we roll. Happy Anniversary Travis! I am excited to see what is in store for us over the next three years. 

Getting our hike on. We have finished Koko Head, Diamond Head and the Laniki Pill Box hikes. Many more to come. Anyone have a favorite hike they like to do? 

SUP. We went stand up paddle boarding on base. Travis fell a couple times, but I on the other hand, did not fall once! Perhaps because I was terrified and hardly stood up. 

Beachin' it. We have explored Waikiki, Lanikai, Waimanalo and Kailua beaches. Basically I hang out in the shade while Travis snorkels and swims. 

Working it. Travis started his new logistics job back in the fleet while I have been busy with job hunting, applications and studying. 

CrossFitting. We both joined a new box out here and have been busy trying to get back into it. More me than Travis. He is already a pro. I recently went to a "Ladies WOD" and met a ton of awesome girls. 

Cruisin' around. We finally purchased a second car, a beautiful silver Jeep Wrangler, and all of my island dreams came true. We just need to remember to put on sunscreen when cruising with the top down. 

Unpacking, organizing, decorating, cleaning. While we are in our new home we are far from settled. Each day as we cross off items on our to-do list we get a little closer. Can't wait to show pictures! Maybe a house tour?

Friday, May 30, 2014


Well, the day I thought would never come, actually came and went. We graduated! We made it through tests, all-nighters, practicals, master's projects, rotations, and even our boards! After letting the finality of it all sink in, I realize I have some major thanks to dole out. So here goes!

To everyone in Rochester:
To my co-workers, Nurses, PAs, and Physicians who pushed me to work hard, taught me how to cast and splint, let me observe in the OR, and wrote me recommendations - thank you! I miss you all. 

To my family:
You continually pushed me to apply to schools and encouraged me never to give up (even when I wanted to quit). Thank you for taking me out to dinner, bringing me dinner and even understanding when I had to study during dinner! For that and more I thank you.

To my friends near and far:
Thank you for understanding how hectic and crazy school was for me. Thank you for the calls, support and love. But mostly, thank you for understanding when I was absent from showers, bachelorette parties, weddings and other celebrations. 

To Andrea and Christie:
You two are my PA School support system and best friends. You were there every step of the way. I’m not sure what we did more of: laugh, cry or study. Thanks for the love, wine nights, and countless margaritas at the Cantina. I could not have done it without you two. 

To Travis, my incredible husband:
Thank you for the thousands of miles and hours you spent in the car just to spend two quick nights with me at school. Those weekends were the very best. Thank you for the letters, calls and the vacations we took together to make school that much more feasible. I love you. 

With sincerest gratitude,  
Maureen Hannan-Tufte, PA-C

Friday, May 16, 2014

I AM DONE! (well almost)

Here are some of the things that have been on my mind recently....

1. PACKING. And no, not packing for Hawaii. That is a whole separate thing. The real question is how am I suppose to pack for 16 days in Europe with just 1 suitcase? If you know me, or worse yet if you have traveled with me, you know the problem I am faced with. Not to mention, Travis is giving me the smaller luggage so as to avoid the fact that the more space I have, the more things I will bring, bringing the weight to approximately 75 pounds, and costing him 100 extra dollars. So what is a girl to do? Seriously, people help me. HELP ME. 

2. BOARDS. This should probably be listed as number one, but really I am slightly more worried about the packing. I have scheduled them for the end of May (just 2 short days before we depart) in the hopes of just taking them and getting them out of the way. Plus, people have been saying it is smart to take them right away when all of this stuff is fresh in our minds. I am just worried about receiving my results via email in Europe. I asked Travis what would happen if I passed, he said, "We drink!" And then I asked what would happen if I fail, he said, "We drink!" Touché Travis, touché. 

3. TIME. Things are all of a sudden happening very quickly. Just the other day Travis and I sat down to look at a calendar and discuss our summer and the move. After we come back from our trip we have only TWO free weekends left on the continental United States. How is this possible? I need more time. More time to travel on the East Coast, to visit friends, and to say goodbye. I know it's not like we are moving to another country, but I don't know how much we will be able to come back over the next three years.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Medical Mission Trip

In January of this year, I traveled to the Dominican Republic with twenty-four of my first and second year classmates for a week long medical mission trip. We worked closely with the Daemen College PA Program as they have been going on this trip for years. As a team, we were able to provide the local community of Hoyo del Toro with two weeks of not only medical care but also basic needs such as food, clothing, and eye glasses. At first I was a bit skeptical as to how much of an impact we would be able to make in just seven days. However, much to my surprise, I feel like we accomplished a great deal, which was a nice reminder of our knowledge and the power of medicine. We were able to diagnose and treat otitis media (ear infections), bronchitis, urinary tract infections, tinea corporis (ringworm), and even scabies. Typically, the patients we saw were either healthy or complained of musculoskeletal pain or "gripe", meaning flu. The latter patients were so happy to leave with a week’s supply of Tylenol or Advil. Reaching out to individuals in their village and community allowed us to build a trusting relationship with people who do not have easy access to medical care. We were able to provide toothbrushes, toothpaste, rice, beans, soaps, condoms, and vitamins to our patients and the community. While these items were a small gesture, it was easy to see how much it meant to our patients.

The week was definitely an eye-opener. It made me really think about the difference between need and want and offered a new, fresh perspective. I was so humbled and learned how truly fortunate I am. I hope that I always have an opportunity to do something similar every year to keep me grounded personally and professionally. While it took hard work, dedication, and weeks of preparation, the experiences I left with were invaluable. 

Thank you Daemen & Clarkson Universities, classmates, preceptors and Rafael for this remarkable opportunity.

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