Friday, January 10, 2014

Here's to 2014!

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I have never been one for New Year celebrations, until this year. There has never a year I have been looking forward to, more than 2014. With it comes the promise of so many wonderful things. Here are just a few of the upcoming milestones I am eagerly awaiting...

1. A mission trip to the Dominican Republic with some of my classmates.

2. With May comes the very biggest of them all, PA School graduation.

3. And of course the end to our long distance marriage. I actually get to live with my husband again! 
Imagine that. Wait, after 2.5 years think it will be an adjustment? Ok never mind. Not the point. 

4. Another military move, another Marine Corps base, another city and state (perhaps country, I'm looking at you Japan) -- anyways, the promise of another adventure. 

5. Europe 2014! A trip to celebrate graduation, our birthdays, 3 year anniversary, etc etc.  

6. Travis turns the big 3-0!
What are some big events, milestones or fun things you have planned for 2014?


  1. So many exciting things to look forward to!!

  2. Looks like it's going to be an exciting year :)

  3. Exciting things coming your way! hope you are having an awesome time in the DR :) Michael and I honeymooned there, and while I'm sure you're getting an entirely different experience since you're doing mission work, I hope you've gotten to see some of the beautiful coast!


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