Friday, January 24, 2014

What I learned in Orthopaedics...

Here is what I learned in Orthopaedics, my elective rotation...

1. I love ortho! Perhaps it is because I have a background in this area. Prior to PA school I worked as a cast tech in outpatient orthopaedics and sports medicine in Rochester, NY. Maybe it is because I am more comfortable in this area. It is possible that I am also less likely to kill a patient as compared to working in medicine. There, I said it. 

2. I love surgery and the OR. Especially big ones like knee replacements and hip fractures. The bloodier and more open, the better. I could really see myself doing this. 

3. When the weather makes a turn for the worse - our patient population increases. 

4. Being able to read plain film x-rays are KEY.  

5. When a patient comes to the ED on a Friday at 3 am with a trimalleolar fracture of the ankle - chances are they are drunk - get an etoh level. 

6. Office procedures of joint injections, reducing fractures and casting are fun. 

7. Anatomy is critical both in the clinic and in surgery. 

8. Smoking significantly decreases bone healing!

9. Navicular = Scaphoid. I will neither accept nor deny I made this mistake.

10. There are few emergencies in Orthopaedics and they include open fractures and compartment syndrome. Unfortunately (or fortunately for the patients) I did not see either. 

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