Friday, March 28, 2014

What I learned in general surgery...

Here is what I learned in my last but final rotation...

1. Always remember to put on your mask before going into the operating room or scrubbing in. I made this rookie mistake NUMEROUS times. 

2. Help out the OR staff and always grab your gown and gloves for them. 

3. "Do you want me to cut the tails long or short?" No matter how well you scrub, dress, retract or suture, it is never good enough. It is just the nature of being a student and the OR. I am still dealing with this concept. 

4. Look ahead and prepare for the cases you have tomorrow. 

5. Always have a pen in your back pocket to write orders and a granola bar handy for when cases are delayed or go hours over.

6. In some cases retracting can be an upper body arms would literally shake.

7. Read in between cases. You will be surprised how handy this comes in when you are getting pimped in front of the entire OR staff. 

8. Dansko clogs will save your feet. 

9. Get to know the anesthesia care providers. Ask questions, watch, learn....INTUBATE. Try and use all methods including Mac and Miller blades and use the Glidescope. But even more critical is being able to properly bag-mask-ventilate a patient. 

10. Be forward but not too aggressive. Ask, very politely, to do more. This is one thing that I didn't quite have the courage to do and I regret it. 

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