Friday, November 7, 2014

'Nalo Living

It has been officially two months of living in our little house in Waimanalo, and it's starting to feel more like home everyday. The dogs have arrived safe and soundly, with just one little mishap, more on that later. All of the boxes have been unpacked and they were finally carted away by the moving company. While there is still more organizing, picture hanging and furniture buying we are fairly well set in the meantime. I swear it takes approximately a year to be truly settled. It was funny unpacking our belongings, I discovered some of our wedding presents that I haven't seen or put to use with living long distance. I almost feel like we are newlyweds again. Since graduating in May, this is the longest period of time we have spent together in four years. To say that it has been wonderful is an understatement. Words cannot describe how blissful it is to wake up on a Sunday make coffee and eggs together and not have to worry about saying goodbye again. No more sleeping alone, counting down days, driving over 12 hours roundtrip to visit each other for 40 hours. Life has become normal again and it feels glorious. I think that Ashley, who blogs at, says it the best, it is delightfully mundane. And in the military life, that is something to really cherish. In this new delightful mundane life we have instituted our weekly Tufte Turkey Taco Tuesday, cocktail hour on the porch every Friday evening and Sunday walks on the beach with the pups. I know I need to soak this up before the craziness of life happens again. In the near future is the promise of a job for me (cross your fingers), studying and remembering how to practice medicine again. Soon Travis will have courses, training exercises and a deployment. I try not to think about the latter, but soon I will have to face the reality of the situation. But for now, I will just stay in this peaceful little beach bungalow in Waimanalo, where we stay in bed all weekend, drinking our coffee.

Pictures are from Waimanalo Beach just down the street!

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  1. Delightfuly mundane may be my new favorite phrase.


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