Friday, January 2, 2015

Hawaiian Ohana

Aloha friends and family! Still alive and kicking here, I know you were all worried sick. While I have been getting this whole working full time thing figured out, I have neglected updating the little ole blog here. So I am back and will attempt to catch up!

Hawai'i is really starting to feel like home. And most of that has to do with our amazing neighbors. They are so warm and welcoming. Taking us out in their boat, leaving fresh fish and fruit on our porch, inviting us over to dinner and introducing us to local food and culture, and even keeping an eye on me and the dogs when they know Travis is gone. I could not ask for more wonderful people to live next to us. 

Here are some pictures I snapped when they took us fishing and diving in Hawaii Kai. 

What a beautiful day!


  1. Ohh I love all the photos in this post! So crisp, clean and beautiful :)

  2. These photos ... Absolutely gorgeous! counting down the days to see you two.


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