Our Story

  Travis and I first locked eyes down in North Carolina at a friend's BBQ on June 7th, 2008. I was down for a long weekend visiting my cousin Margaret and keeping her occupied while her husband, Brent was deployed to Iraq. Marge had a good friend, Lindsay, who was hosting a little get together at her house. I will never forget walking in to her house, and seeing Travis standing in a corner. He was wearing a Sky Blue vodka shirt and his favorite plaid shorts. I thought he was so good looking! However, I was very disappointed when he did not talk to me. I thought he was too shy and reserved. Little did I know, that you just have to get a couple beers (or some moonshine) in him. See picture above. That was taken at approximately 2 am later that very same day. After the BBQ I tagged along as the group headed to downtown Wilmington. There Travis started talking to me after I bought him a beer at the bar. And we finished off the night as he taught me how to two step on the dance floor. Needless to say, I was a little smitten. Just a tad. 

Flash forward a year.

Many phone calls.



August 15th, 2009
Location: St. Lawrence River

  After a year of communication, Travis made the bold move to book a flight up to NY to visit. Not only did he come up the weekend of the 1st Annual Hannan Family Reunion, but we had only met once, a year ago! Kinda crazy right?! Travis met the ENTIRE Hannan family and really seemed to fit in with our antics and oddities. Despite both of our nerves and anticipation, we had such a great time together. We got to know each other even more but more than that just being around him was easy and fun. We fit. It seemed right. 

Several weekend flights to NY and NC

November 1st, 2009
Marine Corps Birthday Ball
Greenville, NC

November 7th, 2009
Prepps with Marge and Brent
Rochester, NY

  Towards the end of November 2009 Travis PCS'd (Permanent Change of Station) to Camp Pendleton, CA. He drove across the country, parked his truck and u-haul trailer in a storage unit and caught a flight to Syracuse, NY and spent the Thanksgiving holiday with the Hannan family up on the River.  We spent Christmas with our respective families and enjoyed a sweatpants, boardgames fun filled New Years with my cousins. 

After the holidays we became very accustomed to daily skype dates.

January 3rd, 2010
Skype date
Carlsbad, CA to Rochester, NY

February 24th, 2010
Another skype date
Carlsbad, CA to Rochester, NY

February 28th, 2010
La Jolla, CA
First visit to California

March 1st, 2010
Camp Pendleton, CA
Promotion to Captain

March 4th, 2010
Santa Barbara 
Pre-deployment getaway

March 27th, 2010
Carlsbad, CA
Last picture before Afghanistan

  On April 1st, 2010 (the worst April fools joke ever), Travis deployed with CLB-5 to Afghanistan for a seven month tour. I stayed very busy in Rochester, NY working full time, taking classes, traveling and spending as much time with friends and family. I missed him every single day and never truly felt whole. 

We wrote...

and wrote...

and e-mailed everyday.

Talking on the phone whenever he could.

And even skyped twice.

October 24th, 2010
Camp Pendleton, CA

November 19th, 2010
San Diego, CA
Marine Corps Ball

December 9th, 2010
Rochester, NY
We got engaged!

December 11th, 2010
We spent the weekend in a friends cabin in the Adirondacks

 December 25th, 2010
Syracuse, NY
Christmas Day

January 7th, 2011
Syracuse, NY to Carlsbad, CA
Cross country move

January 14th, 2011
Carlsbad, CA
Finally living together in California

 July 23rd, 2011
St. Lawrence River, NY
Our wedding

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